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Preventing Dog Bites

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) there are consistently over 800,000 serious dog bites a year in this country, which are treated in hospital emergency rooms. All told it is estimated that Americans experience over one and a half million dog bites annually, many of which go unreported.

These range from a simple nip during rough play to fatalities. Dog bite fatalities have continued to increase every year. Dozens of American deaths are caused by dog attacks annually. Globally, thousands of people a year die from dog attacks. Most victims of fatal dog attacks are young children.  


Which dogs are most likely to bite? Which dogs are most likely to attack and kill a child?

Intact dogs (capable of reproduction) are much more likely to bite than altered dogs.

Through analysis of data the CDC reports that most fatal dog attacks are committed by owned dogs, not wild or feral strays.  

Dogs are social animals, and like the wolves they descended from, are a pack species. Humans become the dog’s pack when they are raised in a home and well cared for by people. But the human must be the alpha or leader. If a dog senses weakness, it may try to lead or protect the pack.

In one study it was determined that only 10% of fatal attacks were by unknown dogs.  That translates to the vast majority of dog attacks involve owned pets.

But just because a dog has an owner does not necessarily mean it is well socialized.

It is thought that chaining dogs leads to frustration and aggression. But in another CDC study, only 30% of fatal attacks were by dogs that were habitually chained.


Animal Control hears both sides of the breed ban issue. More than half of fatal dog attacks are committed by pit bull type breeds. Pit bull is a category of dog breeds, like retrievers or herders.

Pit bull dogs were selectively bred to be canine gladiators. At some point in breed developments, standards were set for each breed. If there were no breed characteristics, then there would be no point in having breeds. We would only have one homogenous dog, a mutt! This does not mean all pit bulls are vicious killers. But they are very powerful dogs and they do not bite and release. They grasp and shake, causing tremendous damage.

Oldham County does not have a breed ban. We do have a Dangerous Dog law that applies to the dog’s behavior, not its breed.

All dogs must be treated with respect, and be well socialized and trained. Dogs that have regular veterinary care, and are altered, not only make better pets, but trustworthy members of the community.

It is essential that small children be carefully supervised around animals, and older children must be taught safety if confronted by an angry dog.

It is far better to be a responsible pet owner and a responsible citizen who notifies authorities of potential problems, than to live with the regret of not reporting loose or aggressive dogs and the subsequent tragedies that can follow.

Animal Control will investigate anonymous reports. It is not necessary to provide your name to have us look into a situation.