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Planning Commission

The Planning Commission meets on the 2nd floor of the Fiscal Court Building - Fiscal Court Room.

What is the Planning and Zoning Commission?

The Oldham County Planning and Zoning Commission serves as an instrument of local government in making decisions and recommendations concerning certain development issues. The Commission was established as part of the community’s zoning regulations, and consists of fifteen (15) members, ten (10) appointed by Oldham County Fiscal Court, two (2) each by the cities of La Grange and Pewee Valley, and one by the city of Crestwood. The current members of the Commission are  Greg King (Chairman), Iva Davis, William Douglas, Tom Elder, Joe Ender, John Falvey, Sam Finney, Ed Hafling, Berry Hampton,Sue Ann Jones, Katie Nasser (Vice Chairman), Bob Klingenfus, Suzy Walser, and Ben Winters.  


What applications come before the Commission?

The Commission hears and decides three types of applications:


*Requests for Zoning Change – All land in Oldham County has placed on it one or more specific zoning districts, or zones. Only certain types of land use activity are allowed to take place in each zone. If a property owner wishes to use his land for a use not allowed under the current zoning classification, then he may apply for a Zoning Map Amendment, commonly referred to as a zoning change. The Commission conducts a public hearing on the request, and makes a recommendation to the local legislative body for final action.


*Requests for Subdivision Approval – The Planning Commission reviews all requests for preliminary subdivision plan approval at a public meeting, and may approve, modify or deny each application. Such action taken by the Commission is final, subject only to the appeal procedure stated below.


*Text Amendment – The two documents regulating development in the county and the cities are the Zoning Ordinance and the Subdivision Regulations. Any amendment to these regulations must be submitted to the Planning Commission for review and recommendation prior to adoption by the local legislative bodies.


How will the Public Hearing be conducted?

The public hearing is more informal than the proceedings of a court of law, but the procedure is structured in the following manner:


*Introduction of the application and questions by the Commission – Max. 20 Minutes.
*Presentation by the Applicant or representative and others in support of the application – Max. 50 Minutes.
*Questioning of Applicant by the Commission – Max. 20 Minutes. 
*Testimony and questions by those opposing the application – Max. 50 Minutes.
*Questioning of those opposing the application by the Commission – Max. 15 Minutes.
*Rebuttal evidence by Applicant – Max. 10 Minutes.
*Rebuttal evidence by Opposition – Max. 10 Minutes.
*Final statement of the Opposition – Max. 5 Minutes.
*Final statement of the Applicant – Max. 5 Minutes.


Please note that there are appropriate times to ask questions and to give testimony. Legal counsel may be present to represent the applicant and the opposition. Normally, the Commission will make its decision or recommendation immediately following the public hearing.


What if I do not like the decision made by the Commission?

Anyone who feels aggrieved or injured by the decision made by the Commission may appeal the decision directly to the Oldham County Circuit Court. Such appeal must be made within 30 days following the date of the decision. You will need an attorney to file this appeal.