Oldham County Special Districts

During the 2013 session of the Kentucky General Assembly, legislators passed House Bill 1 (HB1,) now codified as KRS 65A, which affected all existing “special districts” in Kentucky. The bill rewrote the definition of a special district, now called a “Special Purpose Governmental Entity” (SPGE), and included several governmental or quasi-governmental agencies that were previously not considered special districts.

Effective July 2014, SPGEs are required to submit their budgets and reporting forms online – directly to the Department of Local Government (DLG) per KRS 65A.  SPGE budgets will no longer be presented for acceptance at Fiscal Court meetings. SPGEs that levy a fee or ad valorem tax will report the fee or tax to the governing body of the establishing entity in which the largest number of citizens served by the SPGE reside.  All of the SPGEs reporting information will be available for viewing via DLG’s website under the SPGE Registry.

Find more information at DLG’s website or you can find the new law on the Legislative Research Commission (LRC) website

SPGEs in Oldham County:

  • Ballardsville Fire Protection District
  • Countryside-River Bluff Fire Protection District
  • Discover Downtown La Grange DBA La Grange Crossroads District
  • La Grange Fire Protection District
  • La Grange Utilities Commission
  • North Oldham Fire Protection District
  • Oldham County Ambulance Taxing District
  • Oldham County Economic Development Authority
  • Oldham County Environmental Authority
  • Oldham County Extension District
  • Oldham County Health Department
  • Oldham County Library Taxing District
  • Oldham County Public Health Taxing District
  • Oldham County Soil & Water Conservation District
  • Oldham County Stormwater Management District
  • Oldham County Tourism & Convention Commission
  • Oldham County Water District
  • Oldham La Grange Development Authority
  • Pewee Valley Fire Protection District
  • South Oldham Fire Protection District
  • Tri-County Community Action Agency, Inc.
  • Westport Fire Protection District