Oldham County Solid Waste Management

Trash collection

Residential solid waste is collected at the curb throughout most of Oldham County.  The majority of households and commercial establishments have access to this service through a franchise agreement with Republic Services.  This agreement provides uniformity in pricing and performance.  In February, 2020 the agreement was updated in the following ways:

Only containers supplied by Republic Services/Industrial Disposal will be serviced for trash collection;

Customers must bag their trash that is put in the supplied roll-out cart;

Residents of multi-family dwellings may drop off large household items at Valley View landfill.

Check with your city government or home owners association for details on collection in your neighborhood since some cities and some HOA’s negotiate their own contracts. 

Please contact Republic Services either online or at 502-638-9000 to start trash collection, replace a trash cart, or to schedule a bulk pick-up. 

Items too big for your trash bin
Oldham County and LaGrange franchise customers may set out one large or bulk household item, (which is defined as any item from your home that you would put in a truck if you were moving) or up to 15 bags or bundles of yard waste per week.  Customers must schedule bulk pick up a business day in advance.  This can be done by phone or online at Republic.com

Republic allows residential customers under franchise agreement to take, at any time during normal operating hours, bulky items or extra garbage and yard waste to Valley View Landfill.  Bring a current service bill and call in advance.  See details below.

Valley View Landfill          (502) 743-5426       9120 Sulphur Rd, Sulphur, KY
Hours: M-F - 7:00 am–4:00 pm
Fees: No fees for hauling standard household items and yard waste by residents of Oldham County and LaGrange who pay Republic directly or in their water bill.  Bring a current trash service bill and proof of identity.  Customers must be capable of unloading their own items.  Approximately $80 per ton (1 ton minimum) for construction, remodeling and demolition debris. No liquids, batteries, fuels, oils, propane tanks or hot ashes/embers. Call for tire pricing.

Hedges Transfer Station (502) 222-0779       3201 W. Hwy 146, LaGrange
Accepts construction, remodeling and demolition debris for a fee.

Requirements for Waste Haulers
Private waste haulers doing business in Oldham County must be permitted and must report annually to the Solid Waste Coordinator in order to haul solid waste of any kind from Oldham County each year.  Should you choose to rent a dumpster or junk removal service, please consult the list of waste haulers or check with the Solid Waste Coordinator, 502-565-1007, to see if the company is properly permitted.

Learn how to reduce your trash volume and improve your soil!  Visit the Oldham County Soil Conservation District for more information.
Discover if you qualify for a free compost bin.

Yard Waste and Storm/Flood Debris
Natural Products, 2800 Interior Way (Off Commerce Pkwy)       (502) 222-4545

Curbside single-stream recycling is offered to most Oldham County residents by Republic Services.  For more information or to sign up, call 638-9000.  Click here for helpful information about curbside recycling.

Litter Abatement Program
Oldham County receives a grant from the Kentucky Division of Waste Management for cleaning up litter on our highways and byways.  Non-profit, tax-exempt groups based in Oldham County participate and raise funds for their organization by picking up litter along our roadsides.  Eligible groups include various school and independent sports teams; youth groups; and any other charitable, tax-exempt organization.  We supply safety vests, gloves and trash bags in addition to paying by the mile, so get involved! 

Special Collection Events
1. Household Hazardous Waste collection is provided contingent on availability of Kentucky PRIDE grant funds.  The event is held on the first Saturday in October from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Oldham County Road Department. 



2. Waste Tire Collection is provided by the Kentucky Division of Waste Management every three years in this region.  This is a three day event held at the State Road Garage, 2425 North Highway 393.  Call 502-565-1007 for the dates of the next scheduled event in Oldham County or to learn where events are scheduled throughout the state in the current year.

3. Christmas Tree Mulching – Cut Christmas trees are collected at the Recycling Center throughout the month of January every year. 

4. Drug Take Back events – Expired and unwanted prescription drugs are collected for proper disposal to prevent substance abuse and contamination of our watersheds. The Oldham County Sheriff and Police Departments, at the request of the US Drug Enforcement Agency and in collaboration with Oldham County Fire & Rescue Districts, conducts these events twice each year.

Safe Disposal Tips for Household Medical Waste

Place needles, syringes, lancets and other sharp objects in a hard plastic or metal container with a screw-on lid.  Laundry detergent bottles or metal coffee cans may be used or containers specifically designed for the disposal of medical sharps may be purchased.

Reinforce the lid of the container with heavy-duty tape, label “Not Recyclable” and place container in regular trash.

Place soiled bandages, disposable sheets, medical gloves and other types of medical waste in securely fastened plastic bags to be placed with regular trash.

Expired and unused medications can be disposed of in the lobby of the Oldham County Police Department, 1855 North Highway 393, LaGrange. 


The Oldham County Solid Waste and Recycling Department is governed by Oldham County Solid Waste Ordinances KOC-04-830-181, KOC-99-830-199, KOC-97-830-53 and KOC-94-800-846 and enforces the provisions contained therein.   To read the current Solid Waste Management Plan click here.