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County Road Department FAQs

Who is responsible for removing dead deer on the roadways?

  • Oldham County contracts with a private company to remove dead deer from county maintained roads. Call Oldham County Dispatch at (502) 222-0111 to report a deer for removal.  The State of Kentucky is responsible to remove deer on state maintained roads. 

What is the difference between county and state maintained roads?

  • State maintained highways are posted with a numbered sign that has a black perimeter, white background and black numbers.  Examples are KY22, KY53, KY329, KY393, KY1817 and US42.  All safety concerns on State highways should be reported to the State Highway Road Garage at (502) 222-9009.
  • With the exception of streets maintained by cities, and private roads, all other roads are considered to be county maintained roads. The Oldham County Road Department oversees the maintenance of these roads and can be reached at (502) 222-0426.

To what extent does the county clear the road right-of-way to ensure a safe road for the traveling public?

  • Continuously throughout the year, the county strives to keep the road right-of-ways free and clear of overgrown brush, hanging limbs and rotten trees.  The reason for doing this is to keep the traveling public from scratching their vehicles on overgrown brush, while also providing better sight distance on narrow roads and blind curves.
  • Our road crews take the necessary precautionary measures to perform the work in a professional manner. Our goal is not to remove any more vegetation than is necessary, while still ensuring the traveling public the safest road possible.

How does the county determine which roads to pave each year? 

  • All county roads are driven and evaluated (rated) every two years to determine the amount of surface and sub-surface issues, including raveling effect, alligatoring and block cracking, and finally the overall condition of the road.  This Road Management Rating System was designed to remove political influence from paving decisions and implement a fair method to the rating of all roads regardless of their location. 
  • The road rating documentation is then provided to the County Engineer's office and the Oldham County Fiscal Court Road Committee.  The Road Committee makes recommendations to Fiscal Court to approve a road paving list that is within the allocated budget for the upcoming year.

Does the County consider widening narrow roads prior to repaving them to gain additional width?

  • Each year as the road paving plan is approved, every attempt is made to gain additional width to the narrow roads.  The width of the right-of-way can limit road widening in some cases. On narrow roads, if there is no room to widen, an attempt is made to find suitable areas to construct some pull-offs so vehicles can pass one another.

How many snow routes are there and how long should a resident expect to wait for a snowplow to arrive for the first time?  

  • The county has fourteen snow routes.  There are twelve single-axle plow truck and two pick-up truck routes.  Each route consists of approximately thirty miles of roads.  Each route from start to finish typically takes six to seven hours. 

What is the address and phone number for the County Road Department?

  • The County Road Department is located at 4 Quality Place in Buckner.  The phone number is (502) 222-0426, 7:00am – 3:30 pm, Monday – Friday.  In the event of an emergency, please call Oldham County Dispatch at (502) 222-0111.

How does a resident report a pot hole on a county road?

  • Call the Road Department at (502) 222-0426 to report a pot hole.  A log is kept of all reported pot holes.  Unless it is a severe pot hole that requires immediate attention, a work crew will be scheduled to repair the damage in a timely manner.

How does a resident report a missing or damaged stop sign or street sign?

  • Call the Road Department at (502) 222-0426 to report a missing or damaged sign. 

When are county right-of-ways mowed?

  • All county road right-of-ways are scheduled to be mowed in the summer months. Some road routes tend to grow faster than others and may get added attention based on need.