Animal Control

Polly Helton
(502) 222-7387
(502) 222-7385

Open 8:00 am - 4:00 pm Monday -  Friday.  Saturdays by appointment only.

3946 Jones Dr
La Grange, KY 40031
United States

Located off KY 393 across from Oldham County High School


Animal Control FAQs

I found a dog running loose. Call Animal Control at 222-7387. If the public decides to keep a found dog, even for a short period while searching for the owner, they become the Legal Harborer of the animal. This means they assume all responsibility for the animal. If the dog bites, or gets hit by a car, or runs away from the finder, then the legal owner may hold the finder responsible. It is always best to report a found animal to this agency and we will hold the animal for the mandated time. We make every reasonable effort to find the owner, or a new home. If the finder wishes to adopt the found animal, it is now legal to do so. We have actually had cases where a Good Samaritan was sued by the dog owner and accused of stealing.

What can be done about barking dogs?  All dogs bark. It becomes a violation when the noise is constant, habitual and disruptive to others on an on-going basis. If your neighbors dog wakes you at 2AM that is not a violation. If the dog wakes you constantly every night, all night, or even barks non-stop all day, that is a violation. This is under the county’s Public Nuisance Ordinance 12-840-138 Section VIII.

There is a dead animal in front of my home. If it is a horse, deer, or other large animal that impedes traffic, then call Dispatch at 222-0111. Effective January 1, 2020, Blueline Outdoor provides dead animal removal services for the county.    

  • If it is on a state road (they have numbers like Hwy 146, 22, I-71) then call the state road department at 502-222-9009.
  • If it is a small carcass like a raccoon or rabbit, then dispose of it yourself in your garbage can or by burial, or you may bring the small carcass to the composting station behind the county animal shelter. There is no agency that picks up small dead animals.

Why do we have to license dogs? The dog license is the legal proof of ownership. We have required dog licenses in the state since 1952. An unlicensed dog may be kept by the finder, or by this agency. All purebred dogs look like their breed. And mutts are very subjective in description. The dog license establishes the legal ownership and assures the dog is returned to its rightful owner.

I am seeing coyotes around my house. Should I be worried? Coyotes, like all wildlife, are under the purview of the state Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources. Coyotes will predate on small dogs and pet cats. Feed pets indoors or in the case of outdoor pets, feed them in the morning, and do not leave food out for them at night. This will attract coyotes.

My neighbor moved and left some outdoor cats. Animal Control works with the local Humane Society of Oldham County to spay/neuter/vaccinate unowned cats. The HSOC number is 222-7537. Humane Society is an all volunteer agency and you may leave them a message or call Animal Control at 222-PETS.

My neighbor has six horses on a half acre of land. Is this a violation? There is not a law that regulates the square footage required for animals. However, the law does state that all animals must have adequate space, food, water, and care to prevent suffering. Call Animal Control and we will look at the health and conditions and make a determination.

My child wants to volunteer at the animal shelter. Because we use work release inmates, all volunteers must be over 21 years of age, and pass a background check. However, we do have special projects with Beta Club, Scouts, 4-H, in which children may participate.