Oldham County Comprehensive Plan Update

2020/2021 Oldham County Comprehensivie Plan Update

City of Crestwood

   1st Reading  April 14, 2021 (Public Hearing)

   2nd Reading May 12, 2021 (Adoption)

   City of Crestwood Future Land Use Map


City of LaGrange

   1st Reading March 1, 2021

   2nd Reading April 5, 2021 (Public Hearing & Adoption)

   City of LaGrange Future Land Use Map


City Pewee Valley

   1st Reading April 5, 2021

   2nd Reading May 3, 2021 (Public Hearing & Adoption)

   City of Pewee Valley Future Land Use Map


**Please send comments or questions to Tom McIntyre tmcyntre@oldhamcountyky.gov or 502-222-1476.**