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Code Enforcement Board

Please call 502-222-1476 to report code compliance issues.  

The Code Enforcement Board meets on the 2nd floor of the Fiscal Court Building - Fiscal Court Room.  For meeting information click here.  

The Code Enforcement Board (“Board”) was created in order to provide a fast, fair, and effective method of ensuring compliance with County ordinances. A Board hearing allows parties to present testimony and witnesses to support their claims concerning any citation issued by a County Code Enforcement Officer. The Code Enforcement Board consists of five members: Cindy Harbin(Chairwoman), J.Scott Judy, Ron Kiser, Mike Prather, and Clayton Raymer.  


Board hearings are regularly scheduled for the first Wednesday of each month at 4:00 PM at the Oldham County Fiscal Court meeting room in LaGrange.


In order to provide a fair hearing process for all parties, the Board has established these general procedures and order of presentation for hearings.



It is not necessary to have a lawyer represent you at a hearing but you may if you wish. You must be recognized by the Board Chairperson prior to speaking to ensure you have been properly sworn to testify and not more than one person is talking at a time.


If you have someone testify on your behalf at a hearing, that person must remain for the entire hearing questioning period in order for their testimony to be a part of the official record and be used by the Board in the decision-making process.


In order to maintain a fair and orderly hearing process, the Board requires that everyone be courteous and respectful during all testimony. Interrupting, name-calling, offensive remarks, and/or other poor behavior will not be tolerated. The Board will provide all parties the opportunity to express their own viewpoint.



1. Presentation by Code Enforcement Officer or representative.

2. Witness testimony supporting position of Code Enforcement Officer.
3. Presentation by Respondent or representative. 
4. Witness testimony supporting position of Respondent.
5. Code Enforcement Officer Rebuttal.
6. Respondent Rebuttal.
7. Questions from the Board Members.
8. Closing statement from Respondent.
9. Closing statement from Code Enforcement Officer. 
10. Board action.

At any time during the public hearing the Code Enforcement Board members or their designees have the authority to ask questions of anyone who has testified or is present. Anyone giving testimony that is not available for questioning by the Commission will have his/her testimony stricken from the record.