External Links

The following links provide detailed information on a variety of subjects pertaining to watersheds, water quality, 319 Grants, getting involved in your local watershed, and more. - EPA’s website devoted to watersheds and watershed information. - EPA’s watershed locator. - EPA’s Nonpoint source Management Program – Clean Water Act Section 319.  Includes information about section 319, full text of the laws regulations, and treaties, applying for funding, success stories, and more. - Kentucky Division of Water’s watershed website.  Provides various links for education, training, getting involved in your watershed, and more. - Kentucky Division of Water 303(d) list website.  The 303(d) List of Waters reports on streams and lakes identified as impaired for one or more pollutants and no not meet one or more water quality standards. - Kentucky Administrative Regulations surface water quality standards. - In-depth water dictionary offered by the Nevada Division of Water Resources. - the Kentucky River Assessment Monitoring Project (RAMP) list of various water quality parameters and their effects on water quality. - The Kentucky Waterways Alliance (KWA) has compiled over 100 links to various websites on topics ranging from outreach guides, writing and developing watershed based plans, KPDES permitting, surface water quality standards, best management practices (BMP’s), educational resources, and more. The Metropolitan Sewer District’s design manual on how to build a rain garden or bioswale.  Go to section 18.5.1 for bioswales and 18.5.2 for rain garden construction.

Watershed Basins of Kentucky

(Source: ) - EPA Do’s and Don’ts Around the Home - Homeowner’s guide created by the Blackstone River Coalition. - Booklet that provides information for present and prospective rural homeowners with a basic but comprehensive description of ground water. - All wild about Kentucky environment - Educator Professional Development Opportunities - Kentucky Environmental Education Council